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1. Non Commercial Use only please, your personal stuff only. Anyone thought to be trading here will be removed without warning.

1A. By using the forum to post an advert, you agree unconditionally to be bound by these rules, and to also participate in the ID & Feedback forum when required. See that forum for specific rules that relate to its use. From 1/12/16 a new thread with new members details will be posted in this forum by me, all members should use this thread to report on the sale they just completed.

2. Only items you have "in hand" can be offered on this forum. We STRONGLY advise against selling for any 3rd party, but please note if you do, YOU are fully responsible for the sale and anything that may go wrong with it. In over 4 years the only (small) issue we have had (which was resolved) involved the sale of an item for someone else, and was not in the poster's hand ready to post.

3. [b]Please only post one phone/gadget/device per post.[/b] (In the case of accessories,cables, cases etc, up to 3 items per advert is acceptable, try to group them where possible and consider posting over a few days.)

4.CONDITION. Please use the following in the title of the post. From 1/12/2016 any post without this information will be deleted.

MINT = This is for items that have absolutely no signs of wear at all. Not a single scratch, chip or dent is allowed if you want to use this description. It is totally down to the seller to check the item very carefully before advertising. To be classed as MINT the original box with matching IMEI/Serial number must also be supplied. If item is brand new and unused, you can use MINT (New) if you wish.

MINT NB = The same as MINT but the original box is not available, and a reason for this is given in the advert.

EXC = This is for items that are not quite MINT, and may have a scratch or two on the BODY of the phone, or the BACK of the phone. If the phone has any “pocket” marks on the screen, the sort you can only see once polished or in certain light, you can still use EXC but please mention it.

GOOD = This would be for items that are in good condition, but will have some signs of wear and tear anywhere on the phone including the screen.

FAIR = An item which has some bigger scratches or dents, and is priced accordingly.

5. Please post a price, preferably in the title. THIS MUST SHOW IF POSTAGE IS INCLUDED AND WHAT TYPE (see 11 below)

Any price comments not directly related to the sale in the opinion of the mods will be removed. The price police are NOT welcome here. Use PM system.

6. Price should be simply the price you want. No "RRP is" or "This is a bargain" type comments please.

7. Please note that the mods will remove adverts if it is clear the item is sold, such as a link to eBay showing item is gone.

8. Please mark your advert as SOLD as soon as possible after sale is concluded. Do this by editing the original post and put *SOLD ON PSC* or *SOLD OFF PSC* in the *title*. Also please post a last reply saying if it was sold here or off forum. If it is not clear it was sold on forum, it will be deleted instead of being placed in Done Deals forum.

9. Adverts will also be deleted after 1 month regardless of being marked sold, as an attempt to keep the forum useful and current. Ads can be reposted immediately.

10. PSC and its agents make NO representations to the veracity of the posters, or the adverts placed here. Further they are not to be held responsible in any way for any losses. Your use of this forum means you have read and agree this.

11. A sale or swap is final. If you sell or swap your item and later regret it, that is life. Unless BOTH parties agree to reverse the deal, if is done. Any member hassling anyone to reverse a deal (asking more than once) will be banned forever.

12. No opinion posts in classified please, only directly relevant questions are allowed, and all other comments (good or bad) will be deleted without any notice. Continued commenting in classified will lead to a ban. Please remember the PM function of the Forum if you wish to make a point to the seller. (See separate note below)

13. POSTAGE. We strongly recommend the use of Royal Mail Special Delivery (RMSD) which you will often see is included in adverts here. This is a fully tracked, signed and insured next day service, with £500 as standard and upgradeable as an option. It is the sellers responsibility to get the item to the buyer and unless the seller has proof of posting, we will expect the seller to fully reimburse the buyer in the event of a loss. It is for the seller to claim from any postage insurance, and this will not delay the refund to the buyer.

If you are selling a very low value item, it is up to the seller to get agreement from the buyer BEFORE the deal is concluded. In this case type of postage must be either agreed in email, or made clear in the original advert. In the original advert says "includes first class post" and the buyer does not change this before sale, the buyer is accepting this method of post. Please read [url][/url] for more details.

We very strongly recommend that sellers use RMSD and buyers also insist upon it, although we further advise buyers to consider contributing towards the cost in cases of low value goods.

14. Claims for misdescribed items should be made within 48 hours of receipt of item. I strongly advise buyers to video the opening of the package if you are dealing with a new seller you do not know. This should show the packaging condition, and item condition, and could be useful in resolving any disputes.


General advice.

Sellers should as mentioned put photos up on original advert, there is good evidence that pictures help sell stuff, and a lot of people won't buy without this. Another idea that I use is that I take a quick video of the item showing me packing the item up ready to post, this has never been needed by me, but if anyone ever says I have sent a scratched item or similar I have proof that I have not. Include the IMEI/Serial Number in this and you have proof of what you sent.

As a buyer I also take a quick video of myself opening the box, this way, a seller can not claim that I must have damaged it, and it also records the state of packaging. Again I have never needed this video but it's not a huge deal to do it. Check the IMEI / Serial number as soon as you fire the item up and check it matches the box if supplied.

[b]**************FORUM PM SYSTEM.....PLEASE READ*********************[/b]

Private Messages between members seem to be causing some confusion, so just to clarify, when you PM somebody on this forum, it will STAY in your Outbox until the person has read it.

[b]**************FORUM PM SYSTEM.....PLEASE READ*********************[/b]


Please be aware that a lot of phones are sold as "locked" to a particular network, and if you want to get the best price for the phone you are selling, it is highly recommended to get it unlocked before you try to sell it.

Some phones are very easy to unlock, Samsung is generally very easy, and can be done for about £10 or even less. I recently read about the Moto G unlock available for about £2 on eBay!

However, be aware some phones are very difficult to unlock, or very expensive, or both.

Most phones are unlocked by putting in a code that is purchased online, or sent to you by the network. Each network is different, O2 for example supplies unlock code for free on all pay monthly contracts, whereas others charge up to £30 for the same code. I recommend that you search Google for your phone to see how easy or cheap it is to unlock.

Of course, you are welcome to list any phone, if it is locked to a network, you may still sell it, just be aware you are restricting your potential buyers to that network.

iPhones and Nokia WP8 phones

iPhones are unlocked differently to most other phones. The code is held on Apple's servers in the US, and checked OTA or when connected to iTunes. To unlock a network would have to tell Apple to set your unique IMEI numbered iPhone to "unlocked" and once done, it is done for good. Charges vary again, from £0 on O2 contracts, £15 on the Three network, and £25 on Orange. It is worth noting that many of the networks insist you are with them for 6 months before they will unlock. The situation for WP phones is similar to iPhone, so again, be careful.

Most of the unlocking companies online who can actually unlock your iPhone charge a lot of money, for example, to unlock an iPhone 4S from Orange through one UK based unlocker is currently a staggering £109, and this is not untypical.

So please, sellers consider unlocking your handsets, and buyers, please check very carefully,and if in doubt, wait until the right phone comes along.
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